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The personalisation widget does not work on my site?

Because there are so many different themes out there it is hard to support all of them. Below you will find some of the most common issues and ways to solve them. You can try them all and hopefully it will solve your problem. If not, we have developers on our team that can help you, just send an email to It can take a bit more time to solve your specific issue, but we will try to get back as soon as possible!

Nothing is showing up

Probably your theme is hiding the personalisation box. This is quite an easy fix. Just add this small piece of code to your product.liquid and it should be solved.


.selector-wrapper, .select {  display: block !important; }

.selector-wrapper {  display: none !important; }


The engraving box is not showing up

The engraving box responds to events of your variant selector. However, sometimes we are not able to find the selector. For this to work you have to go into the console of your web browser (right button click, inspect element) and find the “id” of the engraver selector. Usually there are 2, 1 for “Yes” and 1 for “No”. Those 2 id’s can be copied into the following code (please make sure the ‘ stay there!)

   window.bx_selector = [‘your-id-1′,’your-id-2’];

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