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Design your own jewelry?
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What is Beeoux?

Beeoux is the turnkey solution for ecomm professional that want to expand beyond POD and dropshipping from China. Design your own jewelry in minutes and add personalization layers to make unique and high-margin products from scratch.

I had my first product up for sale in Shopify within 5 minutes after joining the Beeoux platform.
James Taylor
Unique productsperfect fit with your portfolio
High Marginslimited competition = great mark-ups
Personalization Layersempower customers to add text & photos

Fully Freefrom Sterling Silver

Personalization layers On Any Product

Birthstones Customers go crazy over this!

Not just jewelry We focus on premium products

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To keep up with the demand we are invite only at the moment. You can request an invite to be able to join soon!

Some cool products

Lovely Customizable Necklace For Cat Lovers!

EMS pendant

Dog Paw Heart Pendant

Best Dad Of The World Phonecase

Cat Memorial Pendant

What they say?

"Beeoux's Shopify integration is effortless and gave us a turnkey solution to launch items we normally wouldn’t of been able to offer our customers. "

Geek & Sundry

"Snap your fingers and somehow you've turned a paper doodle into custom made jewelry. It was ridiculously easy and so gratifying. I opened the box and pulled out this exquisite, beautiful, suddenly real piece of jewelry that had started out as just a thought - it was absolute magic. The finish is really sleek and it looks so impressive. I often find myself absentmindedly playing with the necklace, feeling infinitely cool and thinking 'Oh yeah, I made my own jewelry’. The extra cash from selling these bad-boys is pretty great too. "

Eleanor Harding

What we Do?

We love what we do!

Generating Sales

By providing unique products we help you generate more sales with higher margins! Limited competition and great mock-up technology, makes you stand out from the crowd.

Quality Products

We work every day to ensure the best possible customer experience, helping you to drive more repeat purchases. No cheap, low quality stuff leaves our factories!


All our products are fully customizable by your customers! Add a photo or text layer and with our powerful widget your customer gets a realtime preview of the final product.



Every great product starts with a good idea. Take an idea from a t-shirt that has been a winner and turn it into jewelry!



Our powerful editors help you to design a product in less than 5 minutes. You can download high-quality mock-ups from different angles.



After you are done with the design, we allow you to push it to different channels including Shopify & Woocommerce.



We sync with Shopify & Woocommerce and fulfil all orders automatically. No hassle, it is all on auto-pilot!

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To keep up with the demand we are invite only at the moment. You can request an invite to be able to join soon!