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How Does It Work?

Design Your Own Jewelry

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In Only A Few Clicks. Works With Shopify & WooCommerce.

Start Selling, Hassle-Free!

We Handle The Shipping, You Keep The Profits.

And design your own necklace. It's fast & easy.

''I had my first product up for sale in Shopify within 5 minutes after joining the Beeoux platform.''

James Taylor

See For Yourself

Just a few examples of what you can design with Beeoux.

And design your own necklace. It's fast & easy.

Every Niche, For Every Occasion

With 100+ templates, you'll find something that's a good fit for your store.


Jewellery Shops

Causes & Charity

Health & Fitness

Flower Shops

Baby Products


Makeup & Cosmetics

Love & Spirituality




Why Beeoux?


Products That Turn A Profit

Everybody else is selling the same products and struggling to make a profit. By providing unique, high quality products we help you generate more sales with higher margins.


Customizable By Your Customers

All our products are fully customizable by your customers. Add a photo or text layer and with our powerful widget your customer gets a real-time preview of the final product.



We handle everything. You'll never worry about inventory, production or shipping. And we integrate with Shopify and WooCommerce.


Faster Fulfilment

Customers hate waiting weeks for their product to arrive from China. Beeoux products are fulfilled from Houston, Texas. And from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

And design your own necklace. It's fast & easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beeoux?

Beeoux allows you to sell beautiful and high-quality products without any hassle or risks. Just design something with our easy to use editors, push it to your Shopify or Woocommerce store and promote it with one of the shiny product mockups that are automatically generated for you. With each sale you make, Beeoux automatically begins production and shipping, and tracking information is pushed to your store.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Orders are tracked within the US with USPS, and international orders are shipped and tracked with DHL / Deutsche Post.

How much does shipping cost?

In the US, shipping costs a flat fee of $3.50 per order (no extra per item). Shipping for international orders costs $4.50. However, shipping costs can vary per product, you will find more information on the product page.

How soon are products shipped after the customer places an order?

We usually ship all our products within 5 working days.

How do I track orders?

We try to eliminate all manual work for you, so when an order ships we automatically push the tracking information to your Shopify or WooCommerce shop. Your shop will forward this information to your customer (in your templates), so they know it's on the way!

What ecommerce platforms does Beeoux integrate with?

Beeoux integrates easily with Shopify or WooCommerce, and we’re working on adding more integrations, like Amazon & Etsy soon.

Can my pendant be any shape I want?

Yes, using our Freeform Sterling Silver Pendants, you can upload any shape you want your pendant to be. Made possible by our advanced laser technology.

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You only pay when you make a sale. No upfront costs. No hassle.

And design your own necklace. It's fast & easy.

''I had my first product up for sale in Shopify within 5 minutes after joining the Beeoux platform.''

James Taylor