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How to integrate my Etsy Store (full guide)

🎦 Watch here the full video tutorial on “How to integrate my Etsy store” 

1. Signup for free

In case you do not have a Beeoux account, head on and join now.

There are no hidden fees, no setup or monthly fees, you determine the price of our jewelry and accessories and you keep the profits.

2. Connect your Etsy store to Beeoux

Log in to your Beeoux account and click on the “Stores” tab on the left.

From there, click on Add New Store and then on the Etsy tab. Once you submit your store’s name, you can connect your Etsy store to Beeoux.

Connecting Beeoux to your Etsy Store
Connecting Beeoux to your Etsy store

You’ll be prompted to your Etsy tab, where you’ll see the following screen where you need to Allow Access.  

Beeoux – Etsy integration screen

3. Design, create and push product to Etsy

Once your store is connected, you can directly start creating products and publish them in your listing.

Here’s a 2-minute video on how to create a product with Beeoux. Also, make sure to check what dimensions and format your designs should be.

After you are happy with the product you created, you can push it directly to your Etsy store with just 1 click.

Pushing a Beeoux product to Etsy

4. List your product in Etsy

After you push the product to Etsy, make sure to check listings tab inside your Etsy account. Once you are on Listings, you will see ‘Listing Status’ on the right – make sure you click on Draft.

Listings – Draft Beeoux Product

5. Edit your product in Etsy

You can edit a Beeoux product inside Etsy.

You’ll notice all marketing assets photos of the product inside Etsy.

Editing a Beeoux product in Etsy

We already send some tags inside Etsy, so make sure you edit those if they do not apply to you. Also you’ll need to list Beeoux as a production partner. Here’s all the info you need about this.

Also, all the product variations are present in Etsy, where you can activate/deactivate what you wish. Below the variations, you will find information about shipping.

Game on!

Once your listings are fully published and connected to Beeoux, you’re ready to start selling!

No worries about orders. They will automatically flow into Beeoux for all the products you connected.

You’ll be able to see all of your orders and manage them inside the Etsy dashboard, but also in the “Orders” page in Beeoux.

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