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How are products packaged?

We have 3 types of packaging for 3 levels of products. For lower priced items you can expect them to ship in colourful and playful packaging. The higher priced product ship in black boxes for a premium experience. Regardless of the packaging, we make sure that in all cases the customer enjoys the unboxing experience!

For each product you will also find a mock-up that features the packaging.

Stainless Steel Products

For our stainless steel pendants, dogtags and ID tags we ship the products in a colourful diamonds packaging finished with a Gift For You sticker to close the gift bag. You can find the packaging below;

Stainless Steel Packaging
Silver (plated) Products

For the normal silver (plated) pendants and bracelets we ship your order in a thick silver paper bag with the caption “A Gift For You”. We are using 350 gsm paper with a nice texture and the caption is stamped using a glossy black foil. Your customers will enjoy the crafty look and feel of this.

Silver (Plated) Packaging

For an extra fee it is possible to customise the necklace card inside of the packaging. Not only is this a great way to add store specific marketing (e.g. add your logo), it also allows you to add meaning to your products. For an example see the image below.

Premium (Silver) Products

Our Premium (Silver) Products ship in a premium card box. Environmental friendly and with a matte finish it gives that high quality finish that your customers will love!

Sterling Silver Necklaces
Ring Products

Our ring products ship into a premium ring box. Just like the premium silver packaging, the ring box has a splendid matte finish that emphasizes the quality of the product.

Premium Ring Box
All packaging

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